Chudi Bazaar, embracing people from the time of Nizams.

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Girls!! Who love bangles, jewellers and embroidery sarees, should check out Lad bazaar also called as chudi bazaar. This place is known for its gorgeous bangles and the beautiful sarees available, that tempts you to talk yourself into emptying your pockets. It is a very old market place just beside the magnificent Charminar, which gives you a taste of shopping in an actual Hyderabadi style. The preferred entrance for this bazaar is a narrow street with a complete street of shops on either side, typically crowded with people and employees standing at the entrance of the store, trying to lure you into their stores. Bargaining and haggling is a part and parcel of this market. If you are great at bargaining then I bet you can get the best possible deal, and fun to be able to get things for the price you demand.

Laad / Chudi Bazaar. Photo Source: Wikipedia

My best time at this place is in the evenings, where you get to see bangles and jewelery stores lighted up giving you an out of the mind feel once you enter the street. You would find bangles and jewelers of all kinds such as semi precious stones, plastic, glass, Hyderabadi pearls and anything you name it you have it. Apart from the jewelers stores you have stores which display exquisitely embroidered sarees that would surely catch your eyes. The interiors of these stores are furnished typically with mattresses on the floor with clean white sheets where you can happily sit down and pick up that special saree which would make you feel like a princess. The best part here is you get to design your own saree’s and save on those expensive designer saree’s or rather find pride in wearing your own designer wear. Apart from the jewelers and sarees you get to buy a lot of other stuff such as handbags, sandals, cosmetics, hair accessories etc. The shoe stalls are located just near the entrance where you would find all the possible designer footwear imitated, where it is hard to find the difference between the original and the replica.

Overall I would have to say that this is a place to experience for all the visitors and especially shopaholics. I would also want to warn you that cars, auto rickshaws or two wheelers are to be parked much away from the actual market due to the narrow roads and heavy traffic. So be prepared for a good walk. I bet if you are a true Hyderabadi which means definitely a shopaholic, you will have your handfuls to carry back.


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  • Donny says:

    NICE one, the best place to park our vehicles is the govt hospital adjacent to charminar..:D


    Never Ever go to this place with any type of female species,your patience will be tested

  • STEVE says:

    Donny totally agree with you never go out with ur girl its like a never ending maze there and it will lure everyone

  • chaitanya says:

    dont worry….just keep required amount and go….any how credit card facility is not there yet:plolzzzzzzzzzz

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