Shiamak Davar Institue Of Performing Arts – Dance show at Hyd !

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“Have the feet, will dance” goes the mantra for all the students of the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA).

Tiny little tots, school kids, college-goers to grown-ups, SDIPA believes that the only prerequisite for you to dance is to have feet!

Sunday, the 9th of May was a fun filled day for all those present at Shilpa Kala Vedika, Hitech City. The show opened with the arena plunged in darkness. In a few moments, the audience saw the dancers approach the stage from every corner of the hall with lamps in their hands. It was a sight worth the watch, a tranquil and serene prelude to an enthralling display of talent.

Varied dance styles, coupled with foot tapping music and vibrant costumes made it an experience of a kind. From Bollywood, to Hip-hop, to Indo Jazz, to Contemporary, you name it and it was there!

It was a perfect sync of many assorted dance forms, with all the performers showing maximum enthusiasm. The dancers moved in and out of the stage with much online casino ease and co-ordination. The audience also got to see some unusual moves that were performed on chairs and tables. Attractive props supported each performance, which added to the glitter of the show. The enthusiasm filled the audience too. The entire show witnessed the crowd cheering aloud. Quite a few surprises were in store as well. The performances were not centered to the stage, dancers kept moving around the entire crowd, encouraging the audience to shake a leg.

The event was showcased after the “Summer Funk” classes where different batches all around the city were trained in diverse dance forms for a month.

This amazing show was an effort of a month’s training by the Shiamak instructors.

The zeal of every student and instructor contributed to making the show what it was.

“The show has just ended, and I can’t wait for the next batch to begin!” says Praveen, a Shiamak student who has been trained up to three levels with the institute.

So Hyderabad, keep waiting and watching out for the next show, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

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